Custom Software Development

A website is actually an online, custom application. Do you need your website to integrate with your inventory, billing and shipping software? Provide information, e-commerce or customer service? An online application is capable of fulfilling several vital business functions and can be developed according to your unique needs. Thirdwave builds a custom "blueprint" of every solution we develop before we type a single line of code.

Once the required functions of an application have been determined, Thirdwave studies the workflow of each function with the client to reveal more detail. Studying the workflow of a specific process with the people who are most familiar with it often uncovers subtleties or exceptions in the process that an objective approach might miss. Occasionally a process that seems quite simple is discovered to be rather complex and vice versa, even by people who have completed the process many times.

Either way, simple or complex, once we have a blueprint we can build the solution that's best for you.