2013 Chicago Innovation Awards – Innovating….Chicago-Style

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Thirdwave has been doing business for over 16yrs in this great city of Chicago – creating web-based business solutions for businesses all over the globe.  We operate from a spacious 3rd floor River North loft that features high ceilings, palatial work-spaces, exposed brick and hardwood floors.  True Chicago Fashion!  We even have an old-school, self-operated freight elevator, though I’ve never mustered up enough courage to ride it – I always opt for the stairs.

Availed phobia for vertical transportation systems aside, I have learned a lot about Chicago culture from working in this area.  I’ve learned that hot dogs should ONLY be dressed with mustard and onions.  That Cubs RULE no matter how often they lose.  That Chicago guys have an affinity for Tommy Bahama Hawaiian-print shirts and high mustaches.  That sneakers are called “gym shoes”.  Though, the most important of all was learning how AMAZING an Italian beef sandwich tastes when it is dipped in the au jus and topped with sweet and hot peppers…..NOMS!

Chicago definitely has it’s own culture, is own accent, its own way of doing business and all this is certainly imprinted on the industry in this area.   Chicago is no walk in the park – you have to be tough, forward-thinking and adaptable in order to survive.  So, when we heard that our little web development boutique shop was being nominated for the 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards you could just imagine our elation!

But what criteria defines Innovation?  According to their website, they evaluate this based off the following questions…

“Does your product/services meet an unmet need?”
Certainly does!  New clients constantly come to us with complaints about their existing CMS and are in need of a more customized solution to handle their applications.  A scalable solution that does not confuse nor intimidate them.

“How unique is your product/service?”
Very!  Our product/service is unique because every business, every client, every solution is unique.

“What new value has been created for the end user?”
A unique, customized Content Management System that will go-along and grow-along with your business.

“What quantifiable evidence of success does your product/service have to support it?”
Our amassing client-base, fueled by client referrals from happy clients!

The mission of the Chicago Innovation Awards is to celebrate, educate, and connect innovators across all industries in the Chicago region. Making Chicago a recognized hub of innovation by igniting a new narrative for our region, strengthening its economic future and building the spirit of innovation throughout the community is their goal.

One of its attendees, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, was quoted saying

“It is Chicago-style innovation that will meet the challenges of the new economy, expanding opportunity in this great city and improving lives around the globe.”

Thirdwave is grateful to be nominated and is proud to be part of this event.  Chicago Innovation Awards is the largest annual celebration of innovation in the Midwest.   This is where Chicago’s business and civic leaders come together to honor the creative spirit of the Chicago region by recognizing the most innovative new products and services introduced in the market.  This event is brought to you by Google, Crains, Disney, Comcast and a whole host of others.

This event is an innovation unto itself.  It is by, for and comprised of Chicagoans who take action by submitting a vote on which business leaders they feel are specializing in accelerating growth through innovation in their city.  The judges for this event strive to build a balanced portfolio of Chicago area companies, both large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit, that best represent the results of a sustained commitment to innovation.

So, here’s to Chicago’s finest minds and today’s innovators.  Making innovation happen…in true Chicago form.

To learn more, see the Chicago Innovation Awards website.

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